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Can you believe 2016 is almost over??  I can’t.  I mean, I seriously cannot. This year for NYE I am sure we will be in bed long before midnight, watching the ball drop underneath the warm covers.  We don’t even try to pretend we aren’t lame.  But we may have a little bit of fun before that happens- which will probably include a hockey game, and some nachos.  We are pulling out all the stops this year.

If you’re cooler than us, and having a New Year’s Eve Party this year, you may want to consider adding a photo booth to the fun!  The great thing about a photo booth is no matter how old or young you are, or if you’re having a kid-friendly, or adults only party, everyone loves a photo booth!  Everyone loves to see pictures of your guests having a good time, and the best part is, one person isn’t left with the responsibility of taking all of the pictures!  If you’re interested in actually setting a photo booth up, check out this post!

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The Perfect New Year’s Eve

Photo Booth

adding a photo booth to the new year's eve party sounds like so much fun!!scripture-prints

#1- Silver and Gold

There are so many cool props that are silver and gold, and covered in glitter!  Snowflakes and stars are perfect!

#2- Balloons

Make sure they’re silver and gold.  You can add black too!

adding a photo booth to the new year's eve party sounds like so much fun!!

#3- Confetti poppers!

These DIY poppers are so much fun!  I love them!

#4- New Year’s resolution bubbles and chalk

Make sure you document those resolutions with thought bubbles!adding a photo booth to the new year's eve party sounds like so much fun!!

#5- Garland

Use it on your backdrop, or wrap your guests in it.  Use silver and gold garland!!

#6- Noise makers and party hats for props

adding a photo booth to the new year's eve party sounds like so much fun!!

#7- GIANT gold or silver 2017 (or appropriate year.)

#8- A selfie stick or an instax camera

#9- An awesome hashtag

…for everyone to tag their pictures with when they post to social media.  This way everyone can have access to all the pictures taken that night.

#10- Really fun people who want to have their pictures taken!

The best thing about a photo booth is everyone is usually okay with looking silly, and having their picture taken.

adding a photo booth to the new year's eve party sounds like so much fun!!

Whether you’re lucky enough to be heading out for some fun this NYE, or you’re lucky enough to be staying home with your family, I hope your 2017 is super incredible for everyone!

Will you add a NYE photo booth to your party this year?  Are you staying in or going out this year?

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