10 kid-approved slow cooker recipes

Last year, I started a run of over 20 days of strictly slow cooker recipes.  We had spent too many days eating junk in a row, and I was sick of not eating a real meal.

I love my crock pot and the fact that I can put a meal together in the morning, and have it ready by the time we are ready for dinner.  We are often swamped with after school activities and I just don’t have time to make dinner in the evening.

Here are 10 kid friendly slow cooker recipes!

Since the original crock pot project, I have had so many ask for recipe ideas, and rather than answering a bunch of emails, or digging up old post, I thought it would be nice to put some of my favorites in one place for you!   All of the recipes are super easy, and if I figured out a way to make them even easier, I included that as well.

They’re also kid-friendly which means you only have to make one meal for the whole family! *Happy dance*  If you’re trying to get your dinner menu organized, here is a FREE menu planner printable for you!  It’s super cute, and will help you to sort out your week.

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10 kid- friendly slow

cooker recipes

Are you looking for recipes kids will actually eat? these 10 recipes are kid approved, AND made in the crock pot! that makes them perfect recipes for busy moms like me!



Slow cooker must-haves

  • a programmable slow cooker (ours is a larger one that allows for transporting if we are taking it to a potluck dinner)
  • slow cooker liners, because seriously, this is the only way you could make something as easy as slow cooking even easier!!  clean up is a BREEZE!



  1.  Hearty Chicken Chili


    this is the best chicken chili i have ever had and it's made entirely in the slow cooker

  2. Chicken and dumplings


    This is the easiest recipe for chicken and dumplings, and it's made in the crock pot!

  3. Sesame Chicken



  4. Broccoli Cheese Soup



  5. Pulled pork


    easy crock pot pulled pork

  6. Enchilada soup



  7. Macaroni and cheese


    I can't believe I finally found a way to make macaroni and cheese in the slow cooker

  8. Super simple sloppy joes


    this is the easiest recipe for sloppy joes i have ever come across. i love that i can put them in the crock pot!

  9. Homemade spaghetti sauce



  10. Dorito Taco Casserole

    I hope you found this round up useful.  Feeding kids can be difficult.  I am constantly making at least 3 options for my family.  I realize I should just tell them they get what they get, but I don’t.  When I make these dishes, everyone chows down!  If you haven’t already done it, make sure you grab your weekly meal plan printable!

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