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I can't wait to change our mismatched bedroom into an awesome coastal bedroom.

This is the first time I am doing this here, and I have to say I am super excited, and a little nervous.  I have mentioned in random places on the blog that although we live in west central PA, we decided a couple of years ago, that we would make our house as coastal-looking we could.  I am in love with coastal bedroom decor.

Every one of us loves the beach, and it just seems fitting that we would decorate it that way. We have been working on updating the house, and changing things as much as we can. It takes time, as anyone who is working on their house will tell you.

The other day, I got a newsletter from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body (if you don’t follow her, and you’re a fan of DIY, go check her blog out!). In that newsletter, Tasha asked if I loved all of the rooms in our house  (the answer is no, by the way).

When we moved into this house, it was a mess. There wasn’t one light fixture that we knew would stay, every wall needed to be painted, our entire bathroom was covered in pink tile and pink carpet to match the pink toilet and sink, our kitchen had teal and yellow linoleum, and yellow formica counter tops.  I think most people would consider it hideous.

I saw the potential in this house though.  I was excited for the possibilities. The only problem is, it takes forever.  And it can become discouraging when things don’t move as fast as you think they should.

That email made me excited to think that one day, I could love every room in this house just the way I dreamed we would when we moved into this house. There are a couple of rooms we have made into rooms we love already, but one room has been completely neglected.

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Our bedroom.

I can't wait to change our mismatched bedroom into an awesome coastal bedroom.

Our room has been totally ignored.  I’m embarrassed to even show you these pictures.  Everything that is in our bedroom has been thrown in there or been there since we’ve been married.  Our furniture was purchased with wedding money (the knobs have almost all fallen off and been replaced with whatever I can find), the tv stand was in our living room in our last home (and holds clothes in the bottom half), the bedroom curtains were meant our bedroom in our last home, the walls were painted that color because it was leftover from our bedroom in our last house, I could keep going…  The only thing that’s new, is the light fixture which we found on super clearance not long after we moved in, and I sprayed black and wrapped the shade in jute.



Coastal bedroom decor

That’s all about to change, and here’s my plan.  I want to brighten the room up, so I have already painted it the room warm oatmeal (which reminds me of a white sandy beaches).  I plan to add lots of texture with a natural fiber rug, and sea grass and wicker wherever I can.  I found a brass bed on craigslist and sprayed it blue.

I also plan to paint and distress the furniture, get rid of the entertainment stand and mount the tv, change the window coverings, add a storage ottoman, and a new end table and lamps.  Lastly, I want to replace the bedding with totally neutral bedding and pops of colors here and there.

I can't wait to change our mismatched bedroom into an awesome coastal bedroom.Here is a list of things I am using for inspiration:


I am so excited about this, and I can’t wait for you all to join me on this journey!  It’s going to be so awesome, and I know that our room is going to be one of the rooms I absolutely love when it’s all done.


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