DIY snowman family sign

This sweet DIY snowman family sign is so cute, and would make a great gift for anyone! It was fun to make, and so simple.

I’m back again with day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop.  Today, I’m sharing this sweet DIY snowman family sign.  I absolutely adored how it turned out.  The fact that it was so simple to do was icing on the cake.  You know me, and not doing anything that takes too long– I’ll never finish it! DIY snowman family sign *for your convenience, there may be affiliate links throughout this post, so … read on–>

what it means to be an anxious mom

What it means to be an anxious mom means so much more than just depression and anxiety attacks. Many people have anxiety disorders.

Those that know me in real life fall into two categories- people that know about my anxiety, and those that don’t.  I guess everyone who read this will know. If I haven’t opened up to you about my anxiety, chances are you aren’t the least bit aware that this plagues me, but it does.  I have high-functioning anxiety.  If you don’t know what that means, I’m about to fill you in on what it means … read on–>

taking pictures at night

Just because the sun is gone, doesn't mean you have to stop taking pictures of your kids! check out these tips for taking pictures at night.

Some of the sweetest moments of our days happen at night when things calm down, which is exactly why you NEED these tips for taking pictures at night, are definitely a must read!  The kids are calmer, and time spent together is super snugly.  It has always been my favorite time of day, but it has not always been my favorite time of day to take pictures.  In my early photography days, I used the … read on–>

boneless bbq wings, that are baked

Well, the Steelers may not be in the Super Bowl leaving a lot of people around me very sad, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be lots of people won’t be partying!  I may not be a huge football fan but I am a fan of football food.  These boneless BBQ wings are a huge hit in our house.  I actually stuck them on a platter the last time I made them, and they were … read on–>

Easy Strawberry Banana Peanut Butter Sandwich

The kids are back in school, and winter activities are in full swing.  Despite the fact that the we are super busy, the kids are going stir crazy from being stuck inside the house so much.  There isn’t much time to plan a ton of special “things” to do beyond the things we are already doing.  So, no special crafts, or cooking projects.  I do feel guilty when the kids ask me to do things … read on–>

5 ways to eliminate clutter in your photos | guest post by leyna butcher

So excited and grateful that Leyna Butcher of Photos by Leyna agreed to guest post, and to teach us how to eliminate clutter in pictures.  Her work is beautiful, and her tips are spot on!!  I hope you all get something out of this!!   How to Eliminate Clutter in pictures   Capturing the beauty of our everyday lives is a challenge, especially with legos underfoot and yogurt splattered on our shirt. But you see … read on–>