Photography Projects to do with kids

Finding photography projects to do with kids will help foster their creativity. You will love completing these photography projects with your kids.

Children already see the world through their own unique and special perspective. That’s why exploring a love of life through the lens of photography is something that comes naturally to little ones and older children alike.  Finding photography projects to do with kids will help foster their creativity. Photography helps children to develop both creativity and confidence as well as helps them to discover and appreciate the world around them. Above all, it helps them … read on–>

7 tips for taking underwater pictures of kids

I love underwater pictures of kids, it's one time the kids don't fight me about pictures. These tips for taking underwater pictures of kids are the best!

Underwater pictures have a magical feel to them.  They remind me of mermaids, dolphins, and summer. Alright, I realize that combination is strange.  Really though, underwater pictures are just dreamy to me no matter what the subject is, or which body of water is. My goal this summer has been to really work on taking better underwater pictures. There is more than a little difference between taking photographs on land, and underwater.  I have come up with … read on–>

7 things I did to drastically improve my photography

I knew when I started having children I wanted to drastically improve my photography. These are the ways I managed to do just that.

Whether you’re photographing your own kids, or working on growing your business, or possibly starting one, if you landed on this page, you’re looking for ways to improve your photography. When I started, my only goal was to learn how to improve my photography so that I would be able to take better pictures of my own children.  I loved it so much, it turned into more than just taking pictures of my own kids. … read on–>

How to document the infamous teen years

Figuring out how to take pictures of teenagers can be harder than chasing a toddler around with a camera. Great tips for taking pictures of teenagers!

Taking pictures of teenagers (and tweens) can be challenging.  While it’s not usually a matter of chasing them the way you would a toddler, they’re not always willing to comply. It’s hard to believe we are just a couple of months shy of having a teenager in the house.  While he’s no stranger to having his picture taken, he is not a fan.  He will humor me from time to time, but I typically have to … read on–>

Organizing children’s art work, pictures, videos, and more!

The keepy app is the best way to organize kids art work, pictures, and videos. This is so awesome! I'm soexcited to have found out about this.

Organizing my kids’ art work, pictures videos and more just got ridiculously easy.  You guys are going to absolutely love this. Considering we are all pretty much attached to our phones all the time, this is the best way to organize kids art work, pictures, videos and more!  No need to worry about keeping every art project your kids bring home (if you haven’t seen it yet, here is a post all about photographing your … read on–>

65+ magical moments of childhood you need to capture

Childhood moments are fleeting, that's for sure! I love these magical moments that remind me of being a kid. Great ideas here!

There are so many moments that epitomize what it means to be a kid. Those are exactly the pictures to take of childhood.  No, they don’t all take place in one week, one month, or even a year.  They will happen throughout the course of a childhood.  These magical moments are the ones that will make you look back on those days with fondness, even if they made you cringe at the time (but I … read on–>

taking pictures at night

Just because the sun is gone, doesn't mean you have to stop taking pictures of your kids! check out these tips for taking pictures at night.

Some of the sweetest moments of our days happen at night when things calm down, which is exactly why you NEED these tips for taking pictures at night, are definitely a must read!  The kids are calmer, and time spent together is super snugly.  It has always been my favorite time of day, but it has not always been my favorite time of day to take pictures.  In my early photography days, I used the … read on–>

how a momtographer should choose a new camera

There are so many things to think about when you choose a new camera! I wish someone would have pointed me in the right direction when I was trying to decide which camera to buy!

Wondering how to choose a new camera with so many options to choose from?  To the mom who chases her kids around with her phone, or the fancy DSLR, or the point and shoot camera you’ve owned for years, thee mom who loves taking pictures of her kids, and is dying to get a new camera, but just isn’t sure where to start, I got your back!  You wouldn’t believe how many people came to me … read on–>

how to use window light in pictures to get incredible pictures of your kids

I love being able to use natural light for indoor pictures,. Using window light in pictures is awesome!

Apart from being outside and taking pictures in natural light, using window light in pictures is my favorite!  Windows can act as a giant softbox, and is darn near close to being outside in open shade.  Since we are stuck indoors most of the winter months (we aren’t really winter people so we don’t spend much time in the cold.  brrr!!), I have had to resort to getting creative with window light.  It’s not hard … read on–>

how to brighten a dark picture in LR

This is so perfect! Such a quick way to brighten a picture that was too dark, and I thought was ruined!

Obviously, when I am taking pictures, I always try to achieve something close to perfect exposure.  Most of the time I do a pretty good job. Sometimes, I fall in love with a picture that needs a little work though. Thanks to Adobe Lightroom, it’s a quick and easy fix to brighten a dark picture.  There is so much you can do to your photos quickly, and easily with Lightroom.  If you’re curious about its … read on–>

photography terms for the momtographer

These 24 photography terms will help you learn photography even faster!

When it comes to understanding photography, it can be a bit confusing. There are so many terms to learn, but knowing them will bring you one step closer to actually growing your photography skills.  Here are some terms that I have come to know, and love over the years! 24 photography terms you should know   White balance– is the balance of color temperature in your pictures. Pictures that are on the cool side have more … read on–>

photo blog post round up

Oh goodness! This is the best photography tutorial round up ever!

One of the main reasons I started to really keep up on this blog was to have a place I could put the things I love so much, and I am really passionate about. I knew that I wanted to be able to help the moms out there who really wanted to learn how to use their cameras, and were feeling frustrated with the pictures they were taking of their kids. In the last couple … read on–>

New Year’s Eve Photo booth

adding a photo booth to the new year's eve party sounds like so much fun!!

Can you believe 2016 is almost over??  I can’t.  I mean, I seriously cannot. This year for NYE I am sure we will be in bed long before midnight, watching the ball drop underneath the warm covers.  We don’t even try to pretend we aren’t lame.  But we may have a little bit of fun before that happens- which will probably include a hockey game, and some nachos.  We are pulling out all the stops … read on–>

How to take pictures of the Christmas tree with your iphone

This time of year, everyone is taking pictures of their Christmas tree.  Some of us are using a DSLR.  Others are using their smartphones.  You may think it’s not possible to get a really great picture of your tree with your iphone, but I am here to tell you- you CAN!!  There are some things you can do to turn those phone pictures into something you are super proud of, and might even choose to … read on–>

20+ perfect Christmas picture props

I am especially excited to be sharing this post with you.  Christmas is my favorite time of year, and there is no shortage of cute props that anyone can add to their families pictures.  Of course, I am all for you handing the responsibility over to a professional photographer to capture your family’s moments.  Whether or not you’re a fan of having your picture taken, your family will appreciate seeing you in them too!  Whether … read on–>