big brother and sister shirts

These big brother and sister shirts are the perfect way to announce a new baby in the family, or a sweet gift for big bro and sis when the baby arrives!

Promoting your little guy or girl to big brother/ sister is super exciting for everyone.  And, it’s super fun to announce your news to everyone using big brother and sister shirts or even a sweet gift to give them when they baby arrives. I wish they would have had some of these adorable shirts when we were promoting our kids!  These are adorable and so creative! Before I get into all of this cuteness, if … read on–>

how to brighten a dark picture in LR

This is so perfect! Such a quick way to brighten a picture that was too dark, and I thought was ruined!

Obviously, when I am taking pictures, I always try to achieve something close to perfect exposure.  Most of the time I do a pretty good job. Sometimes, I fall in love with a picture that needs a little work though. Thanks to Adobe Lightroom, it’s a quick and easy fix to brighten a dark picture.  There is so much you can do to your photos quickly, and easily with Lightroom.  If you’re curious about its … read on–>

stocking stuffers the mamarazzi will obsess over

These are great stocking stuffers for the photographer in your family. I got your back, mamarazzi!

Stockings are my absolute favorite thing to open on Christmas morning.  All those thoughtful little gifts packaged into one super fun place.  I like to think I put a lot of time and effort into the gifts that go into my kids’ and my DH’s stocking.  Sometimes, it can take a lot of work to come up with new ideas every year.  Since I happen to be CEO of the mamarazzi in this house, I … read on–>

50 Christmas props for your newborn pictures

Newborn babies, and Christmas props, it doesn't get much cuter than that! Make sure you are prepared for your newborn's photo session with this list of props.

Hi again!  Nearly 3 years ago, we welcomed our little Christmas baby into our family.  She was due on Christmas Day.  Thankfully, she was born a couple of weeks early.  I have to say, it was so much fun looking at all of the Christmas props for newborns that year.  I thought it was special to be able to add something into pictures that showcased the time of year that she was born.  If you’re … read on–>

quick and easy photo album

I can't believe how easy this photo album was to make. I am so happy to have my pictures printed in a book.

I have visions of creating gorgeous albums, every year, for my children to pour over when they are older.  I imagine well-planned books filled with pages of our memories.  I can’t tell you how much I value printing your pictures. Having tangible images either in book form, or hanging on your walls is so important.  Guess how many books I have printed.  Go on, I’ll wait. Did you take a guess?  The answer is 2. … read on–>

50 fall newborn photo props

I love a good newborn prop, but I want something I can use afterwards too. These are perfect.

Hey there!  I’d be lying if I said this post weren’t tugging on my heart strings a little bit.  It’s nostalgic and sad for me at the same time, knowing there will be no more newborns in our house.  If you’re about to have a newborn, or are just starting your journey with a newborn baby, breathe it in (for real, breathe in their breath, it’s amazing).  You may be tired, and weepy, but you … read on–>

5 great photography books for the beginner

I thought you might like to know which the best books for learning photography.  But first..  Last night, I watched a vlog with some tips on making laundry time easier. One of the tips was to have a “lost sock” bag.  I’ve got one of those. Except it holds roughly 300 unmatched socks and they never get paired up so we all wear mismatched socks. Once I get this post all finished up, I’m headed to … read on–>

5 point and shoot cameras worth checking out

Welcome!!  I’m just sittin’ here getting ready to type out all this awesome information for you.  My two youngest are sitting right in front of me screaming,”doo doo castle! doo doo castle!”  I have no idea what that means, and I’m not sure i really want to.  It’s going to take me a while to get this all typed out.  “doo doo castle! doo doo castle!” is a little distracting.  Isn’t it??   At they’re … read on–>

what’s in my bag | camera equipment

find out what kind of camera equipment i use

Lately, I have gotten a lot of emails and messages wondering what camera equipment I use, what types of cameras I recommend, and which lenses are my favorite.   The best way for me to answer everyone is to let you all know at once!  It’s actually pretty simple what I use, and while I do own a couple of soft boxes, and some backdrops, and faux wood floors, what I like to use it’s … read on–>

must-haves for capturing summer pictures

I can’t believe summer is almost here!  I can almost hear the sounds of my children fighting, and begging me to fix them something to eat.  I can almost see the giant messes they will leave all over the house, and the dishes piled high in the sink. Ahhhh, summer!!  Somehow, you still manage to be my favorite.  I have dreams of lazy summer days at the pool, or beach. and even though I know … read on–>

Photo gifts you won’t want to miss out on

I love a personalized photo gift. These are great for anyone in your family, friends, or even the kids!

This time of year, we are all in over our heads with Christmas shopping. Most of us are at a loss for thoughtful gifts.  Have no fear, I am here to save the day!!  Ha!!  What kind of photographer would I be if i didn’t give you some ideas for cool personalized photo gifts? totally cool personalized photo gifts I love the fact that these are all personalized, thoughtful gifts.  There’s nothing sweeter than getting a … read on–>