Christmas tree cookies for the non-baker

These sweet Christmas tree cookies are the perfect cookies for anyone who doesn't really have time to bake from scratch! Kids will love decorating them.

The last couple of days have been a bit of a cluster since I’ve had some pretty major computer issues.  If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been participating in a 12 days of Christmas blog hop.  Today, I’m happy to be sharing something for all the “non-bakers” out there, or all of you who just don’t have time to do a baking day.  These Christmas tree cookies are so adorable, and all you … read on–>

20+ hot cocoa bar toppings

Hot Cocoa Bar toppings are so much fun! This is a great list that is sure to make your hot cocoa bar a huge hit!

You guys!  I was so excited about today’s topic.  I’ve always wanted to do a hot cocoa bar, and just haven’t had the right “event”.  Things have been a little crazy around here lately, and I am ashamed to admit that I’m more than a little cranky.  So, the fact that this post gave me the chance to do something fun with them was fantastic!  We kept our little hot cocoa bar pretty low key, … read on–>

Peppermint cheesecake dip

This time of year, we are all hopping from one holiday party to another.  If you’re looking for something quick, and delicious to make, this peppermint cheesecake dip is the perfect solution.  Our family can’t get enough of it.  Serve it with pretzels, wafers, graham crackers, or even fruit.  It’s so so yummy! Peppermint Cheesecake Dip Welcome to the third annual 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop! Stop by every day from December first through … read on–>

frosty the snowman activity- snowman bagels

One of my all-time favorite Christmas movies is this version of Frosty the Snowman.  Of course there are many others I love just as much or even more, but this one is one of my very favorite to watch with the kids.  The classics are the best, aren’t they!!?? I’m also a fan of any activity the kids need little help with, can be done on a whim, and I give bonus points if the … read on–>

cherry limeade float

    Christmastime is one of my most favorite times of year.  It’s also one of the busiest times of year. Taking a break to do something fun with the kids isn’t always easy.  This cherry limeade float was the perfect way for us to have a little fun together.  It’s also the simplest addition to a holiday party.  Just because it’s getting chillier doesn’t mean we have to put away the ice cream!  Why … read on–>

caramelized onion galette

With the rich flavors of caramelized onions and parmesan cheese, this caramelized onion galette is the perfect easy appetizer for busy holiday celebrations!

With the rich flavors of caramelized onions and parmesan cheese, this caramelized onion galette is the perfect easy appetizer for busy holiday celebrations!With all the craziness that goes into preparing for a holiday dinner, you don’t want to have to worry about what to serve as appetizers. Sure, you could go with the standard cheese and crackers platter, but why not up the ante this year with a delicious…and surprisingly simple caramelized onion galette? Hello … read on–>

10 easy snack ideas for snack day

Finding easy snack ideas for snack day isn't always easy. These snacks will be easy to grab and take the worry out of how you will get everything done!

Snack day is one of the most exciting days for a preschooler or grade school kiddo.  Finding easy snack ideas for snack day isn’t always easy.  Sure, you can find about a thousand super cute, and time consuming snack ideas on Pinterest, but finding ideas for the last minute person like myself isn’t always as easy. Listen, I’m NOT saying anything against taking the time to make a super fun, and creative snack for your … read on–>

5 ways to make school lunch more fun

Making school lunch can be super boring for the person making it, and the one eating it! I love these ways to make school lunch fun

  School is back in session for most of you.  Can I get an “AMEN!”?? I wasn’t as ready for school to start when it was scheduled to start, but a new school building, required a push back in the start of school.  I’m beyond ready now, and so are my kids!  But, school starting also means I am back to making school lunches which might be the MOST boring job EVER!  I’m talking 180 … read on–>

how to make pizza on the grill

Pizza is a staple in this house.  We could probably eat it 3 times a week. Easily.  Aldi Supermarket is also a family fave. (Nope NOT a sponsored post, just a little something I thought I would share with you all since it’s been so great for our family!)  We have been shopping at Aldi for about 5 years now, and I’m not even kidding when I say it destroys me to have to go … read on–>

Strawberry Lime Watermelon Popsicles

These strawberry lime popsicles are absolutely delicious and so easy to make. I love when we find a recipe that's easy and fun!

Popsicles are one thing that don’t last long in our house during the summer months.  I have tried to set limits on how many the kids can eat in a day.  It just doesn’t work. These kids are relentless I tell you!  In the end, it’s one of those moments when you have to pick your battles.  I just don’t really have a good reason for not letting them have a popsicle most of the … read on–>

15 minute meals for busy families

I so needed these ideas for 15 minute meals! We are so busy during the week, and there are so many times we end up getting take out. This is totally going to help with that!

Feeding my family is a never ending challenge.  I like to cook, I really do, just not enough to spend a ton of energy on it by the time dinnertime rolls around. On top of that, our schedules are crazy, and if I happen to drop the ball one day and not plan ahead, I will usually just order takeout. One of the reasons I love my crock pot so much is that I can … read on–>

Campfire snacks for kids

It just isn't a camping trip without campfire snacks. The best part about this is there's no reason you can't make these in the backyard fire pit!

Camping as a family has become one of our favorite things to do. One of the best parts about camping is all of the fun foods we get to eat.  I have been searching for the best campfire snacks for kids since we know we will be camping again this summer.  I have spoken a lot about why we choose experiences over things.  And the best part about these campfire snacks for kids is that … read on–>

the easiest monkey bread ever

This is the easiest breakfast ever! You're going to love this easy monkey bread recipe.

Breakfast is a favorite in this house, and the sweeter it is, the better. My kids are obsessed with pancakes, and french toast, and anything else they can get away with putting syrup on.  They are also obsessed with cinnamon sugar.  Unfortunately for them, I am a terrible pancake maker, and I am not a morning person.  Which means I refuse to make anything that takes any real effort on my part. This is super … read on–>

grape creamsicle smoothie

This is seriously the easiest grape smoothie ever, and the kids love it!

February is heart health month, so it seems like the perfect time to share this super delicious, and super easy smoothie recipe with you all.  Did you know that Welch’s 100% grape juice contains no added sugar, color or flavor and it supports a heart- healthy lifestyle?  Plus, it’s purple and it tastes good!  Purple happens to be wild thing #4’s favorite color, so she is particularly fond of this recipe.  We love to experiment … read on–>

boneless bbq wings, that are baked

Well, the Steelers may not be in the Super Bowl leaving a lot of people around me very sad, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be lots of people won’t be partying!  I may not be a huge football fan but I am a fan of football food.  These boneless BBQ wings are a huge hit in our house.  I actually stuck them on a platter the last time I made them, and they were … read on–>