10 kid crafts that use leaves

These kid crafts that use leaves are so fun, and simple.

Autumn leaves are the perfect craft supply!  The kids get to go outside and search for the best leaves, and they add so much color to their craft.  I just love using nature in crafts.  These kid crafts using leaves are so fun, and simple. 10 kid crafts using leaves *for your convenience, there may be affiliate links throughout this post, so you can easily find the things i am showing you.  by using these links, … read on–>

How to get kids to love reading

Finding a good book, one you can’t put down, you never want it to end.  When I think back to growing up and what book that was for me Anne of Green Gables instantly comes to mind.  For some a love for reading happens easily, but for many reading has turned into an assigned chore instead of a pleasure, and leave you wondering how to get kids to love reading. I gobbled up that book as … read on–>

Teaching kids about money

These easy mason jar banks are a great way to teach kids about money.

Money management is a tricky subject to teach children.  I’m always wondering how much is too much to expect, what’s too little, and what’s just right.  I think teaching kids about money is pretty overwhelming! I grew up in a home where money wasn’t really discussed unless it was to say we didn’t have enough money for something.  Since there wasn’t much to spare, we didn’t really discuss saving, or donating. As an adult, I … read on–>

water balloon game ideas

My kids love water balloons. these are great water balloon ideas for kids and for outdoor parties

Water balloons are a right of passage for most kids.  I remember being so excited to play with water balloons.  Unfortunately, once I became old enough to fill water balloons myself, I realized they are the most annoying and time consuming thing- in the world. Needless to say, my kids haven’t gotten to play much with water balloons..  until now..  Now, I am all over these water balloon game ideas for kids. *for your convenience, … read on–>

Fun back to school traditions

Since back to school is right around the corner, I thought it would be neat to find some fun back to school traditions. I love these!

Since back to school is right around the corner, I thought it would be neat to find some fun back to school traditions.  Traditions can turn an otherwise ordinary event into so much more, and they can really help to alleviate some of the anxieties kids have. Whether your kiddo is happily excited for school to start or feeling very nervous about that upcoming first day of school, these fun back to school traditions are … read on–>

Easy DIY Sidewalk Paint

I love this easy DIY sidewalk paint, and so did the kids!

Back in June, I was asked to guest post over on the Crafting Chicks Blog.  It was a huge honor because they just have the coolest blog, and I couldn’t believe they actually asked little ol’ me to share something fun with their audience.  Anyhow, I decided this diy sidewalk paint was perfect! Since we are officially into summer, we are soaking in as much summer sun as we can. Any chance we can take … read on–>

Summer activities to help kids learn

Just because summer is here doesn't mean your kids have to stop learning. Make it fun with these summer activities to help kids learn.

Summer is in full swing! That means lots of long days and plenty of time for activities. Parents don’t want their kids to lose all of that valuable knowledge from the school year, but that doesn’t mean your kids have to sit with books and homework. I’m so excited that Natalie from TakeLessons is sharing some fun ideas for summer activities to help kids learn. Summer Activities to help kids learn At TakeLessons we believe … read on–>

10 mud activities for kids

June 29th is international mud day! let your kids get muddy with these super fun mud activities for kids!

Dirty kids are really no stranger to our house.  Our kids play hard and get dirty, a lot.  What they don’t typically get to play in is mud which pretty much means mud activities for kids are about the coolest thing ever! I swear they can sniff it out since it’s a treat when I let them get nice and muddy.  I actually caught the 2 youngest under the trampoline where all the grass is dead … read on–>

fun rock crafts

These fun rock crafts are so easy, and definitely a quick idea for something to do with your kids.

Finding time to do crafts with the kids is something that has really gotten pushed to the side the last several (just being honest here) years.  There are a couple of reasons for that- 1. I just don’t have time, and I really try to extend myself a little bit of grace and acknowledge I can’t do everything. and 2. despite the fact I attempt to keep some art supplies set aside for the rare … read on–>

Ways to entertain kids when you need a minute

Sometimes you just need a couple minutes to get things done without entertaining a child. These are great ways to entertain your kids!

There are plenty of times you need to find ways to entertain your kids.  I mean you can’t sit and play with them every moment of everyday.  I often find myself feeling guilty for not playing with them enough. I have to work, I have to grocery shop, I have to cook dinner, cart kids to after school activities, clean laundry, the list goes on…  I know you all feel me. I honestly don’t remember … read on–>

50 things to do with kids in summer

We love checking thing to do with kids in the summer off of a list. these are all great ideas!

Yesterday, I read an article about how raising our kids has become a to-do list of things we need to expose our children to before they are adults.  The article was sort of ragging on those of us who value experiences, and feel strongly about giving them to our kids (even if they aren’t extravagant). While I don’t believe every experience we give our children needs to be extravagant, I do feel strongly about offering … read on–>

easy nerf gun party

This was such an easy party to plan, and the kids had a blast!

Once upon a time, we only had one or two kids.  They were young and weren’t involved in sports, and our time was plentiful.  Then we had a couple more kids, and they all kept growing, and became more involved in extra curricular activities, and they started having homework.  Once all of this went down, I started dropping the ball with birthday parties.  We just don’t have the time or money to do anything extravagant. … read on–>

super fun and easy indoor activities for kids

We are going crazy being stuck inside all day. These indoor activities for kids are a perfect way to beat the winter blues!

Frigid temperatures (at least frigid to me!) tend to keep us indoors a lot during the winter months. Even if I were willing to venture out in the cold, it’s a lot of work with the kids, and it’s often short lived because the kids can only handle it for so long.  We can get a little stir crazy, and are often looking for things to do without having to leave the house and pay for … read on–>

the secrets to a fantastic family game night

We love a good family game night. These tips always help to make our game night great!

Whenever I post something like this, I worry that it will come off as if this is an everyday occurrence.  We certainly don’t have family game night every night, or even once a week, or even once a month (if I am being honest). But like many things we do, throwing this kind of activity in every now and then helps ground us.  The kids love to play board games, and we have a ton! … read on–>

DIY fairy wands your kids will adore

These are the cutest DIY fairy wands, and they were so easy to make. The kids loved this craft!

Crafting, with the kids, is not something I do very often.  When there was only one wild thing, and we didn’t have a busy schedule, and I didn’t work as much as I do now, I planned special things to do with him all the time.  He was the lucky one.  Wild things 2-4 never have had as many special crafts planned by me.  Sure, they do crafts in their playgroups and at school, but … read on–>