Dollar Store Pom Pom Tree

This is the cutest dollar store pom pom tree.  It's super fun, and quick to make. It's a perfect craft to make with kids or on your own.

The Dollar Store is one of my favorites.  I am always amazed by what you can actually find in there.  I love it so much, I dedicated a whole post to things you should never spend more than $1 on.  Today, I’m so excited to share the cutest dollar store pom pom tree.  I love it so much, and it was really fun, and quick to make.  It’s going right into T’s room. Dollar Store … read on–>

DIY snowman family sign

This sweet DIY snowman family sign is so cute, and would make a great gift for anyone! It was fun to make, and so simple.

I’m back again with day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop.  Today, I’m sharing this sweet DIY snowman family sign.  I absolutely adored how it turned out.  The fact that it was so simple to do was icing on the cake.  You know me, and not doing anything that takes too long– I’ll never finish it! DIY snowman family sign *for your convenience, there may be affiliate links throughout this post, so … read on–>

Free Play Room Printables

I love these free play room printables. They make decorating with kids so easy, and stylish!! PLUS- They're FREE!

Decorating a play room can be tricky.  Well, at least I think it can be tricky.  My kids are tough on things.  I have started to think long and hard about all of the possible ways my kids can destroy things when it comes to decorating our house. We have four kids, our house is lived in.  Since there’s always a possibility things won’t last long, cost comes into play quite often.  Printables are an … read on–>

how to organize with baskets

Knowing how to organize with baskets is crucial for our home to stay organized, and not look cluttered. Great ideas here!

Baskets are the first thing I look for when I am trying to get organized. I mentioned before in my crazy awesome organization ideas post, that I am not an organizational goddess. That said, I am always on a mission to be more organized.  Knowing how to organize with baskets is crucial to my survival.  Haha!  I love baskets, and I love that most of them hide the junk inside.   I don’t like being … read on–>

diy spring wreath

This DIY spring wreath is so pretty, and I can't believe she made it with a pool noodle! How awesome is that?!!

Deciding to decorate the house for spring on a budget, has made me really think creatively.  I was seriously so excited when this idea came to me, and I was really hoping it would work out.  And, guess what, I managed to make the easiest DIY spring wreath ever!  What’s even cooler is what it is made out of, and that I managed to finish the whole DIY spring wreath in about 30 minutes.  Which … read on–>

how to distress furniture like a boss

I love distressed pieces of furniture, and this is one of the easiest DIY projects you can do!

There is no shortage of painted furniture in our house, and every single piece of that painted furniture is distressed.  I have 4 kids.  They are not the cleanest kids around (if you’ve been privileged enough to see my van, you can attest to that).  They are rough on everything in my house, and no matter how had I try to keep things looking “new” it doesn’t happen.  On top of that, I like white … read on–>

super cheap DIY moss covered eggs

I can't believe these DIY moss covered eggs, are made out of scrap paper and a plastic bag! So easy, and they look great!

Easter and spring decorations are my favorite, but I am also one of the cheapest people on Earth.  Spending money on decorations that aren’t meant to stay up year round, are usually not on the top of my list.  Hey, I’m still working on filling in rooms of our house. This year though, I promised myself Easter/ spring decorations.  I’m kind of obsessed with all things Pottery Barn, and their spring decorations are no obsession. … read on–>

natural fiber rugs- you will love!

I am drooling over all of the texture in these natural fiber rugs!

Refreshing our bedroom means that without doing any major renovations, we are going to freshen up our room, and make it new again.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this, and how much fun I am having with the planning process. One of the things on our list of things to buy is a natural fiber rug.  Our room currently has no rug in it at all.  There was once a rug in … read on–>

diy succulent window for the gardener with a black thumb

I am so happy I figured out a place to put my succulents. This succulent window adds so much to my kitchen.

If you haven’t taken even one quick look at pinterest lately, you will most likely have seen succulents in your feed.  If you have opened a Pottery Barn or West Elm catalog, you will have seen succulents too.  Succulents are ornamental plants that thrive on low water supply.  Guess what that means- even someone like me, who has a total black thumb should be able to handle these plants.  And, I plan too. DIY succulent … read on–>

diy painted kitchen canisters

I am in love with these DIY painted kitchen canisters, and they were so easy, and fun to make. It was so nice to be able to pick any color I wanted.

For the last several (I am not exaggerating here) years, I have been on the hunt for canisters for my kitchen.  The fact that I am super cheap, and our kitchen was the ugliest room in our house helped to talk me out of anything I found.  Now that our kitchen has been redone, I was ready to take the plunge.  The only thing I had working against me now was the cheap part. So, … read on–>

diy glitter pine cones

these diy pine cones are so cute, and ridiculously easy for anyone to make!

Oh goodness!  I cannot believe we are less than a week away from Christmas!  I swear, the older the kids get, the faster the month of December goes.  I really feel like there should be another couple of weeks, at least, before Christmas!! Every year, I try to add a couple of new decorations to our Christmas collection.  This year, I finally got around to making our pallet stocking hanger.  I love how simple and … read on–>

diy pallet stocking hanger

this diy stocking hanger was so easy to make, and i am so happy with how it turned out. it's perfect for anyone that doesn't have a mantle or a staircase.

I have been trying to figure out where on earth to put our stockings since we moved into this house nearly 5 years ago.  We don’t have a fireplace, and since it is split-level, we don’t even really have a staircase to hang them on. The first year we were here, I hung a branch on the wall, and attached them to that.  I had an idea in my head, but it just didn’t work … read on–>

DIY sharpie mugs the right way

these diy sharpie mugs are so easy to make, and fun for everyone!

Every now and then, I try to find something crafty to do with the kids that we can actually keep (hopefully forever).  I was much better about it when wild thing #1 was the only wild thing in our house.  Still, if I can find something that won’t take hours, or can be age appropriate for a wide range of ages, I’m all over it!  I’ve had my eye on these sharpie mugs for years. … read on–>

whitewashed burlap table runner

I love this simple burlap table runner. It is so easy to make.

Hey, everyone!! WELCOME!! Every now and then, I get an urge to decorate our little home.   My kids make a sport out of spilling red juice on anything, and everything in our house that cannot be washed.  Everything we own is either an updated piece of used furniture, a hand-me-down, super cheap, or has the ability to be thrown in the washer or wiped down.  I have tried several times to add a runner … read on–>

diy pallet coffee table

Today, I am super excited to share this DIY pallet coffee table that I made in just a few hours!!  It has a sweet beachy feel to it that makes me love it even more. Before I go on, I would like to say that I was digging around Sparrows and Lily’s instagram feed, and she had this awesome coffee table that was made from pallets, and it sent me on a mission to make one … read on–>