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Lorrin Sell is a professional family photographer and blogger, living in west central Pennsylvania with her husband and 4 children. Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Child Development, she knows she is doing it all “wrong”, but she is determined to give herself a little grace, and figure out any way she can to embrace this messy life she lives, and freeze a little bit of time through photography while she’s at it.

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Demographics’s audience consists of mostly women ages 25-44 who are working inside or outside the home, and are interested in embracing family life.  They make informed decisions about products that would directly impact the quality of their lives. This includes products that pertain to home decor, kids’ clothing, food/ cooking related products, DIY products, products/ places that meet their family travel needs, camera supplies, and other things related to living their lives as busy families.  It receives roughly 69,000 pageviews per month with 53,00 unique visitors.

Social Media

Lorrin is active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  Her social media pages are followed by engaged fans who are interested in what she is sharing, and happy to join in the conversation.

facebook fans:  4.6K

pinterest followers:  4.1K

instagram followers:  1.4K

twitter followers:  3.1K

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freelance writing

Lorrin is available to write on a variety of topics including: family life, travel with kids, camping with children, and other topics.  Contact Lorrin today to suggest your idea.

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