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Hey, guys!  I’m so happy you’re here!!  Especially since it took me forever to finish this page.  You know, my kids kept asking for things- food, potty trips, entertainment, more food….  you’d think I was ignoring them or something.

lorrin sell | photographer of wild things

Welcome to the place where you can embrace the perfect mess of life with kids! I am Lorrin Sell, owner and writer here. This is a lifestyle blog for moms who are overwhelmed, super busy, wish their house was a little cleaner, and love their kids more than anything, but can’t wait for bed time at the end of the day.  Around these parts, the goal is to embrace the perfect mess of life with kids. Let’s face it, most of us didn’t realize what a mess this whole thing called mom life would be (or maybe that’s just me!).  I’m a mess, my kids are a mess, but I wouldn’t change this life for another.  On this blog, I share:

  • tips for photographing your kids- because time flies, and it’s the only way I know to freeze time!
  • recipes that your whole family will love, and are usually super easy!
  • DIY projects that don’t take forever to finish because chances are if they do, I’ll never finish them
  • home decor ideas that can stand up to a house full of wild things, and be lived in
  • tips for traveling with kids because time away is so important in this busy world
  • and whole lot of mom-life.

lorrin sell | photographer of wild things

A little more about me..

I am lorrin sell, professional family photographer, mother to 4 wild and crazy kids, wife to my high school sweetheart, and blogger.  I’m a bit of a hot mess. <–truth!  anyone who knows me personally can attest to that.

I forget half of what I’m supposed to do on any given day, I can’t finish one conversation before moving on to the next.  I forget to feed my kids lunch until 2pm some days, and I am always behind on laundry. I wouldn’t trade these days for anything though, and I know I am going to miss them one day. Obviously, that was worth mentioning twice.

That doesn’t change the fact that I am exhausted when my kids go to bed, and so ready to binge on some netflix that isn’t G rated.  I might even count the minutes until bed time.  I love traveling, coffee, the beach, and flip flops equally.  (Of course, I love God, and my family first, but I figured that was a given.)  I’m almost always late because–well–  kids.  

I am loud, and I yell (no I am not proud of it, but I yell- a lot.)  I make mistakes, and I feel guilty.  I have terrible willpower when it comes to sticking to a diet, or a workout routine.

I love wearing cute clothes, but I am super casual, and it isn’t often that I wear an outfit for the first time without running it past my sister first.  I am not a fashionista.  I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, love a good craft or DIY that I can finish relatively quickly, and my crock pot.  Is that all random enough to give you a little insight into who I am??  

lorrin sell | photographer of wild things

In addition to running a full-time family photography business, I also teach online courses and sell ebooks over on wild thing photographers, and have recently begun selling Biblical scripture prints.

love these encouraging bible versesMy posts have been published in local magazines and featured on parenting and photography blogs such as: huffington post, red tricycle, mamapedia, lemonade and lenses, and the bloom forum.  Whether you’re looking to work on a more personal level with me, or just browse through this blog, you can learn so much here, and hopefully, have some fun and find someone who you can relate to!!

Here are a couple of photography tips and tricks for you to start with:

Oh goodness! This is the best photography tutorial round up ever!


 There are so many things to think about when you choose a new camera! I wish someone would have pointed me in the right direction when I was trying to decide which camera to buy!

and few DIYs I love

I am so happy I figured out a place to put my succulents. This succulent window adds so much to my kitchen.


I am in love with these DIY painted kitchen canisters, and they were so easy, and fun to make. It was so nice to be able to pick any color I wanted.



some travel tips

all inclusivethere is so much that goes into planning a family camping trip. these tips are great!

This is so great! Your kids will gain so much more when you choose experiences over things!a little bit of mom- life,

Do you have a strong-willed child? Can you relate to these secrets about strong-willed children? I know I can!

kids are gross, and so is my minivanI was so worried before we had our second baby. I had a laundry list of things that terrified me.


and a couple of recipes!

these 10 recipes are kid approved, AND made in the crock pot! that makes them perfect recipes for busy moms like me!


I hope you will stick around for a while and check out all there is to offer here.  Let’s get to know each other, and have some fun together all while being busy, overwhelmed parents who are embracing the perfect mess of life with kids!

better indoor photos

great ideas for summer photos of your kids

Check out my free ebook- 10 photo projects for ANYONE with ANY camera and subscribe so you never miss another tip on freezing time with photography again!



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  1. Hey Lorrin,

    I recently came across your site and I’m wondering if I can post one of my articles here.

    I’ve been writing up home improvement articles too and would love the chance to write
    on your blog but I couldn’t manage to find your email. If you could get ahold of me at ikatie.jones@outlook.com?, I would greatly appreciate it.


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  3. Hi Lorrin. I tried to access your post on Amazon Prime on my cell phone. Once I tapped on the mobile icon to reduce the size, it would, but I was redirected to a snowman post. This happened every time. I enjoyed your bio, by the way!

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