31 random acts of kindness for kids

This is a great list of random acts of kindness for any month. We are totally doing this for the month of December.

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One of the most important attributes I wish for my kids is kindness.  They are certainly not perfect, and they have their moments (don’t we all??) but they are generally, kind people.  I want them to remember what is important and that kindness always matters.  Enter these random acts of kindness for kids.

Last year, while shopping for a gift for his brother, wild thing #1 came across a dollar bill taped to a shelf at the store he was in.  Attached to the dollar was a note explaining he had just been gifted a dollar.  This random act of kindness or RAK was as simple and practically as cheap as they come, but it made his day.  

Of course random acts of kindness for kids can be done year round.  And, of course, it’s always nice to spread a little random kindness deliberately all year.  This year though, we will be making it part of our calendar for the month of December.  We may even continue into January and beyond!

The kids already can’t wait to spread some Christmas cheer (maybe we will start sooner), and I’m excited for my kids to see some deliberate kindness without expecting anything in return!  Here’s a nifty print out of this list, just for you!

30+ random acts of kindness for


these random acts of kindness for kids are the perfect way to teach your kids about kindness!  #teachingkindness #RAK #randomactsofkindness


1.  Tape quarters on parking meters, giving people a little free time.  Or leave your quarter in the shopping cart at Aldi.  I do this all year long.  I figure it’s one thing I can do that literally costs twenty-five cents and makes someone else happy.

2.  Donate pet food and supplies to the local animal shelter.

3.  Bring donuts to the teachers at your children’s school.  Who doesn’t love a donut??

4.  Make a pine cone bird feeder.

5.  Compliment a stranger.

6.  Send thank you notes to people letting them know you are thankful for them.

7.  Leave random dollar bills taped to the shelves at the dollar store.

8.  Smile- really make it a point to smile at at least 5 other people.

9.  Leave a bunch of pennies in parking lots or on sidewalks heads up for children to find.

10.  Make someone dinner.

11.  Pay for the person behind you at the drive thru’s meal.

12.  Leave quarters taped arcade games.

13.  Have the kids draw pictures and mail them.

14.  Donate old children’s books to a local children and youth center.

15.  Hold the door for someone.

16.  Return shopping carts in parking lot.

17.  Make a treat and deliver it to local firefighters.

18.  Pay off someone’s layaway.

19.  Donate food to the local food bank.

20.  Write compliments on sticky notes, and leave them in random places.

21.  Let someone take your spot in line.

22. Send tissues into the elementary school…  they need a TON this time of year!

23.  Leave the mailman a snack.

24.  Make crafts with the kids and deliver the to the senior citizens center.

25.  Give someone you love a hug– just because.scripture-prints

26.  Send someone a small gift anonymously.

27. Drop off a plate of cookies at the nurse’s station at the hospital.

28.  Leave happy chalk messages around the neighborhood.

29. Leave diapers and wipes on the changing table in a public restroom.

30.  Buy a candy bar for the cashier at the grocery store.

31.  Donate coloring books and crayons to the pediatric ward at the hospital.

Your turn–  Do you have any ideas to add to this list??  I’d love to hear them, leave me comment below!

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31 random acts of kindness for kids — 11 Comments

  1. Children learn best by example and by ‘Doing’, so your ideas are truly a wonderful way to teach little ones about kindness and compassion. Thank you for sharing this important message!

  2. What a gorgeous list. If we all did a few more on here, we’d all be spreading so much happiness and give it back to ourselves too. I definitely want to try this. x

  3. Lorrin, I love these ideas! So fun. I’ve practiced doing little random acts of kindness for as long as I remember and it makes me so happy. 🙂
    xoxo, erin | sandsunandmessybuns.com

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