50 things to do with kids in summer

We love checking thing to do with kids in the summer off of a list. these are all great ideas!

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Yesterday, I read an article about how raising our kids has become a to-do list of things we need to expose our children to before they are adults.  The article was sort of ragging on those of us who value experiences, and feel strongly about giving them to our kids (even if they aren’t extravagant).

While I don’t believe every experience we give our children needs to be extravagant, I do feel strongly about offering experiences.  When we are able to offer an extra special experience to our kids, I like to jump on it.

Here’s the thing though, I don’t value my childhood any less despite the fact we didn’t take many vacations, and many of our experiences were “baby” experiences compared to the ones I hope to offer my kids.  We offer what we can to our kids because we want them to have opportunities that we may or may not have had as children.

I see no shame in that.  So, let me just give you a big, ol’ list of things to do with kids in the summer!!

Things to do with kids in the

We love checking thing to do with kids in the summer off of a list. these are all great ideas!

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1. Go fishing

2. Visit a museum

3. Swim in a lake

4. Swim in the ocean

5. Play in the mud

6. Play with sidewalk chalk

7. Visit a farm

8. Play on a slip and slide

9. Take a vacation

10. Go camping

11. Roast marshmallows

12.  Go to a drive-in movie theatre

13. Catch fireflies.

14. Jump on a trampoline.

15. Take a cooking class.

16. Go for a bike ride

17. Make popsicles

18. Play hide-and-seek in the dark.

19. Make homemade ice cream.

20. Make a bird feeder.

21. Visit a water park.

22. Visit an amusement park.

23. Go on a picnic.

24. Fly a kite.

25. Go geocaching.

26. Collect bugs.

27. Read a chapter book as a family.

28. Play badminton.

29. Go to a professional baseball game.

30. Visit the zoo.

31. Run a marathon.

32. Have a shaving cream or whipped cream battle.

33. Paint rocks.

34. Have a squirt gun battle.

35. Make tie dye beach towels.

36. Go berry picking.

37. Have a car wash day.

38. Have a lemonade stand

39. Take a surprise trip somewhere fun for a long weekend or week if you can!  Here are some tips for rocking that road trip with kids!

40. Plant a vegetable garden.

41. Make a fairy garden.

42. Host an outdoor games party.

43. Take a trip to the beach.

44. Build a super detailed sandcastle!

45. Blow giant bubbles.

46. Go fishing for crayfish in a creek.

47. Go kayaking.

48. Race go karts

49. Go to vacation Bible School

50. Put together a really big puzzle.

So, tell me, is there anything you would add to the list of things to do with kids in the summer?



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