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3 tips for homework time

Homework time in our house is not exactly my favorite time of day.  My kids aren't interested in doing homework, and now that I have my own homework to worry about, it's not exactly the fight I want to pick.  It's a necessary evil though, and we have come up with a few ways to make things easier.  I hope they help you as much as they help us! 3 tips for homework time This post is sponsored by ... Read More about 3 tips for homework time

20 funny parenting memes for moms

Parenting isn't easy, but there is comfort in numbers.  These funny parenting memes for moms prove we aren't alone!  There are some other people out there who totally get us!  Whether it is trying to get out the door, clean our houses, get dressed, or feed our children- the struggle is real! 20 funny parenting memes for moms Bet you never thought you would do that, did ... Read More about 20 funny parenting memes for moms

7 Great School Lunch Hacks

It's hard to believe we are talking about back to school, but here we are.  With just weeks left until school starts, I'm already dreading making school lunches every day.  Last year, I did manage to come up with some great school lunch hacks that did make my life quite a bit easier, and I'm anxious to share them with you.This post is sponsored by Pepperidge Farm, but the content and opinions ... Read More about 7 Great School Lunch Hacks

cool backpacks for kids

School is coming!!  Can you believe it?  I'm pretty sure every post you read about school being just around the corner is mixed with excitement, and shock at the fact that the time has almost come.  Parents everywhere will be school shopping in the next couple of weeks, if they haven't already.  The stores are already stocked with pencils, folders, crayons, and folders.  They're also stocked with ... Read More about cool backpacks for kids

Tips for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is just a few short days away, and we are so excited!  Even if you're NOT planning on buying anything (but you should, because the sales are awesome!), it's so much fun to hunt the sales and see what's up for grabs.  Making the most out of it will be so easy with these tips for Amazon Prime Day. 12 Tips for Amazon Prime Day*for your convenience, there may be affiliate links ... Read More about Tips for Amazon Prime Day